Our Philosophy

Cloon Keen Atelier was established in 2001 by Margaret Mangan & Julian Checkley after a decade-long career of working in the Art Department on feature films.
The founders have drawn inspiration from this background to create a perfume collection and retail space with a pared-down, yet dramatic, simplicity.
We believe that the artisans, who craft the Cloon Keen Atelier collection in our Galway workshop leave an indelible human mark. This makes every Cloon Keen Atelier creation as individual as the person who wears it.


Meet Mary

Meet Mary

Say ‘hello’ to Mary Mundy. An artist’s muse (see if you can spot a painting of Mary in the movie clip!), a baker extraordinaire and our resident cartoon artist. At Cloon Keen Atelier, Mary is responsible for the quality of our perfumes and their presentation.

Batches of 80


We make our perfumes in batches of 80. Each batch is slightly different because our perfumes contain a very high percentage of rare absolutes, resins and essential oils whose scents are affected by environmental factors such as the weather and the quality of the soil. Every batch is treated with patience and indulged with time to macerate, smooth and develop, in a similar fashion to a good red wine. When the maceration has been completed, the next step is to chill and filter. This removes any residue that remains after maceration. Finally, it’s time to hand-pour the bottles and then box them. Only at this stage are they ready to be applied to the skin and enjoyed.

Every Fragrance Tells A Story


Crafted Candles


Cloon Keen Atelier candles are made the-old fashioned way. Using cotton wicks, the chandler places the wick in each glass. Then, the molten natural wax is double poured in small batches of 19. The candles are then inspected individually, and the wick is straightened by hand to ensure even burning. Finally, the candles are boxed and labelled in our Galway atelier before being finished with our signature seal. Our candle fragrances are created with the same passion for creativity as our perfumes and will certainly create a unique ambience for your home.

How to Burn A Cloon Keen Atelier Candle

The best way to burn a Cloon Keen Atelier candle is to burn it three to four hours at a time. This will ensure that the wax pool will expand and there will be no wasted wax in the candle. We also recommend that the wick is trimmed to 5mm. This will prevent sooting while maintaining an even burn. Finally, because the wicks are made from cotton fibre, they may lean to one side as the candle burns. To counteract this, simply centre the wick with a spent match when the candle has been extinguished and the wax is still liquid.

Seasonal Home Fragrance


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Cloon Keen Atelier is situated on 21A High Street, Galway.


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